Learning Space Updates

In response to requests over the last term next we’ll be implementing some changes based on fantastic staff and student feedback:

“…it wasn’t completely clear when subscribing.” – Digital Media Student

– We are working with other teams at Falmouth to facilitate automatic enrolment and will be testing this out soon.

“It could be more intuitive. Some key resources are a bit buried.” PGCHE Student

– ‘Module Links’ will now be a visible section on the top right of every page rather than in a drop down.

We’ll be redesigning the module interface to give prominence to content. Menus are lightly faded and decluttered, resources and activities and buttons are identified more clearly.

Not only but also…

Here are some other improvements we’ll making:

  • Responsive Video Embeds mean video now displays better in browser and on mobile.

  • The interface has been redesigned, and now offers greater affordance, thereby increasing utility. We’ve decluttered and removed some of the unnecessary icons.

  • New and updated knowledge base. We’ve migrated our content over and developed a better way to seek help in use of Learning Space.

  • Administration templates are now full width, which improves readability for content editors.

  • Improved mobile interface. more features and a better module menu make for a better mobile experience.

And finally…

We are also planning to introduce user pictures on the “my module” list and within forums to personalise the experience and use of social features such as forums.

Learning Space Updates – Release Notes

Educational Technology want to make sure that we are open and transparent about Learning Space development  and how you can get involved in that process. That’s why in our up-coming theme update we’re introducing a one stop source for all Learning Space update information, which you’ll find in the bottom right corner of the login screen.


Clicking on this, you can see what’s passed and what’s coming up and let us know by whatever medium you like how any of these updates affect you.


If you’re really into the design process and want to delve into the minutae, clicking on the “Details” takes you through to our code change queue on Github.

Coming soon

We will soon be implementing a simple mechanism on the front page of the Learning Space. Through this we hope to prepare all for any upcoming changes and make rationale behind previous updates more transparent.


More info soon…

Subscriptions are the new Enrolment

Previously, in the old Learning Space the terminology for joining a course in order to access the content was ’enrol’. The term seemed a little heavy for what was actually happening as its the same terminology to what is used when paying for and joining the actual course being delivered. 

This often resulted in people being unsure whether ’enrol’ and ’unenrol’ was safe to click. After some research, it was deemed that ’Subscribe’ and ’unsubscribe’ was more common on web apps these days. Meaning that people are used to what it means.

Therefore, as usual with anyone joining any module on the Learning Space, they will need to subscribe in the same way that they have always had to enrol.

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