Browser requirements for the new Learning Space

Whilst we’ve been out on our rounds, we’ve noticed that some of you can’t as yet use the drag ‘n’ drop functionality in the New learning Space. This isn’t a major problem, you just need to have a current web browser installed.

With that in mind here’s a list of our recommended browsers for working with the new learning space. You should contact IT if your software or hardware is incompatible with these:

Minimum Browser Requirement:

Safari 5, Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 4, Google Chrome 11

Recommended Browsers:

Safari 6, Internet Explorer 10, Firefox 22, Google Chrome 28

Option B, or not Option B: that… is the question

When migrating to the new Learning Space, you’ll be given two options. Option A: have your files carefully hand-moved to a USB memory stick, then delivered to your desk by a fleet-footed Learning Technologist. Any issues or questions that may arise, will be calmly and reassuringly dealt with in person. The other option, ’Option B’, is to leave the files to be auto-copied, and hope for the best. This will inevitably throw up issues and the Educational Technology team will naturally support you – but in technology, as in life “you reap, what you sow”. Put a little extra in, get a little extra out.

We strongly recommend Option A, and we’re so sure you will too, we’re throwing in a memory stick* (for keeps!)

Lovingly crafted in China from partially sustainable resources, the Educational Technology USB memory stick is a thing of artificial beauty. Emblazoned with Ed. Tech. branding and contact details, it ensures we’re never far from your thoughts, as you plunge it wearily between devices. Four generous Gigabytes of capacity; two million times more than was required to float Armstrong & his Apollo pals to the Moon, it will continue to service your daily file transfer needs for, ooh?… At least eighteen months, or so. 


Which option to pick still giving you sleepless nights? Just remember one of these beauties, can be yours to nurture and cherish – if you remember to quote coupon code “Option-A”!  

There is an eyelet on board which can be mated to a lanyard. Permitting memory sticks to be cheekily worn about the person. Colleagues will conclude in no uncertain terms, that “yes, you’ve already migrated to the new Learning Space,” and what’s more, you did so with panache!

Join the Option A-team! It’s probably the right choice, and you get something free.

* Memory sticks are presented ‘as is’, without warranty, expressed or implied. In layperson’s terms (when wearing it): avoid the shower, keep away from barbecues and low hanging branches, then everything – I’m sure – will be fine.

Moving In

It’s been quite a productive few weeks in the ET office. 

So far we’ve had migration requests from 163 modules with many already moving across into the new Learning Space within the first week. 

Over the last seven days we’ve had consultation sessions with Fashion, Animation and Marine & Natural History to name a few. 

Fine Art, Dance & Choreography and Journalism are the latest awards to move into the new Learning Space. 

If you’d like to be the next award/module to move into the new Learning Space please get in touch with Damien to arrange a convient time – 

Information Sessions: Watch the video

The 20 minute on-campus information sessions are now complete. A video version of the session has been created. The video covers the rationale for the move, what’s new and what you need to do next.

[vimeo w=500&h=313]

It’s recommended that all staff who were not able to attend a session watch the information video in order to enable the move process to be as smooth as possible.

If you have any questions regarding the information in the video please get in touch with Damien at

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