New Features for Learning Space

Many of you have been asking about the features that will be available within the new Learning Space. The team have been monitoring the tools that you use most within the current Learning Space and we’ll be bringing those across during The Move. We’ll also be also implementing some exciting new ones. Here’s an overview of what’s available:

Text Messaging has been around for a while, but basically as long as your students agree, you’ll be able to SMS them as a group with course/module updates.

The current Text Editor  is bloated and confusing. The editor will be totally redesigned making it simple and intuitive to use. You’ll have an easy way to identify a piece of text as an important event, assignment or deadline.

Reading Lists are now integrated within the Learning Space. We’re working with the Library to make sure that staff and students will be able to see their resource lists week by week from within the Learning Space. Using the Talis system, you will only have to update your resource lists in one place.

Turn It In has a variety of features that will be made available as we update to the new version. These include rich feedback via voice comments and grading rubriks.

Drag and Drop functionality is available by default. No longer will you need to go through a five-step process to upload a file. It’s as simple as selecting some text or a file and dragging it from your desktop to the browser.

Make yourself at home.

Moving in has begun.

Since we started, on wednesday we have moved 6 people into the new Learning Space – These people cover 34 modules.

We ran into 4 unexpected problems with code and administration – these were fixed within a few hours.

This means that so far the People are winning

Moving in

What are your choices?

The following options are available to all modules, please note Option A will greatly benefit our students:

Option A – fresh start

ET will help you get the best out of the new Learning Space by offering:

  1. Consultation
  2. Best practice guidance
  3. Providing a USB Stick with pre-existing content
  4. Providing a clean module ready to go
  5. Training to suit your needs
  6. Continued one-to-one sessions as usual

Option B – bring your old module structure

We will try to make it fit by offering:

  1. Best Practice guidance
  2. You will inherit all your old files (including unwanted data)
  3. Training to suit your needs
  4. Continued one-to-one sessions

Whilst we will endeavour to find you and help you through this change, please make contact with Damien to schedule the best time to suit you and your team.

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